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Tourist Rules

Patients' rights in Iran

1.dryaft health services to patients is desirable. Health services must;

1-1) worthy of human dignity and with respect for the values, beliefs, culture and religion;

2-1) on the basis of honesty, fairness, courtesy and with kindness;

3-1) discrimination of any kind, including ethnic, cultural, religious, and gender of the disease;

4-1) is based on knowledge;

5-1) is based Brbrtry interests of the patient;

6-1) on the distribution of health resources and priorities treatment is based on justice;

7-1) based on harmony of elements ranging from preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation;

8-1) with provision of all basic and necessary facilities to dispose of inflicting pain and suffering is unnecessary restrictions;

9-1) particular attention to the rights of vulnerable groups such as children, pregnant women, the elderly, psychiatric patients, prisoners, mentally and physically disabled people have unsupervised;

10-1) in the fastest time possible and with respect to possible disease.

11-1), taking into account factors such as language, age and gender are recipients of services;

12-1) necessary care and EC, regardless of its funding to be made. In the case of non-urgent (elective) defined criteria;

13-1) in savings necessary care (emergency), while providing appropriate services may not be necessary after the provision of essential services and necessary explanations, patient transfer unit to be provided; 
14-1) end of life stages that is irreversible condition and death is imminent, he offered to maintain comfort. For the comfort alleviate the suffering of patients, according to the needs of psychological, social, spiritual and emotional at the time he and his family is dying. Patients dying right in his final moments with someone who wants to be mobile.

2. The information must be appropriately and adequately available to patients;

1-2) content of the information must include;

2-2) of patients' charter at the time of acceptance;

3-2) Terms and predictable costs, including hospital, medical and non medical services and insurance standards and introducing the supporting system at the time of acceptance;

4-2) The name, rank, professional liability and medical staff responsible for providing care including physicians, nurses, students and professional relationship with each other.

5-2) diagnostic and therapeutic methods and strengths and weaknesses of each method and its possible complications, diagnosis, prognosis and complications, as well as the effective representation of the patient's decision-making process;

6-2) How to Access to physicians and medical band members during treatment;

7-2) All measures are in the nature of research;

8-2) provide the necessary training for Astmrardrman;

9-2) Presentation of information should be as follows:

10-2) Information should be timely and appropriate to the patient's condition, including anxiety and pain and his personal characteristics such as language، He placed at the disposal of education and be understood, unless the delay in treatment due to information provided above is causing harm to the patient; (in this case transmission of essential information, should be done at the correct time.) Despite the notice of right to receive information or condition of this refusal that in this case, must respect the patient's wishesunless that failure to inform the patient that he or others in serious danger;

11-2) all the information patients can access their clinical records and the image it received and to request correction of errors contained in it.

3. The following is a range of options and deciding;

1-3) choose your doctor and health care facility in the framework of the regulations;

2-3) and second opinions from a doctor as a consultant;

3-3) participate or not participate in any study, confident that his decision will have no effect on the continuity and health services;

4-3) The acceptance or rejection of proposed treatments after becoming aware of the potential side effects of the acceptance or rejection except in cases of suicideOr that refuse to treat someone else puts at serious risk؛

5-3)Previous comments about the future management of patients when patients have decision-making capacityAs guidelines for medical procedures at the time of registration and lack of capacity to consider his decision with respect legal standards for health service providers and decision-making alternatives The patient is recommended.

6-3) is selected and decision-making include;

7-3) and the patient should be free and informed decisions, based Brdryaft adequate information and comprehensive (mentioned in the second paragraph) is

8-3) after providing information and time to make decisions and choices given to patients;

4. Providing health services should be based on patient privacy Brahtram (right to privacy) and the principle of privacy;

1-4) compliance with all relevant information about patient confidentiality is required, except in cases where the law has exceptions;

2-4) in all phases of care, ranging from diagnosis and treatment to patient privacy must be respected. For this purpose it is necessary to provide all the necessary facilities to ensure patient privacy;

3-4) allowed just sick and groups and individuals from patients and people who are considered punishable by law can not access information;

4-4) The patient has the right to diagnostic procedures such as examinations, have your trusted person.

5-4) and the parent is the child's right to treatment at all stages unless it is contrary to the requirements of your doctor.

5. Access to efficient system for dealing with complaints is the patient's right;

1-5) Every patient has the right to issue Khvdkh case of alleged infringement of the Charter, without any reduction in quality of health services to the competent authorities complain;

2-5) Patients have a right to be informed of the investigation and the results of their complaint;

3-5) damages resulting from errors in the investigation and proof of health service providers should be compensated according to the provisions ingested.

Implementation of the provisions of this Charter shall not apply to patients who lack the capacity to reason in the decision making, the leaf of patients' rights - referred to in this Mnshvr- the alternative would be a legal decision. Of course, if the substitute decision contrary to medical opinion, prevents the patient, the doctor can appeal the decision by the competent authorities to use.

If the patient who lacks capacity to make decisions, but can be part of the process of rationally decide, his decision must be respected.


A variety of health care services provided to tourists: 

A) Outpatient:

Check-up services for diagnosis, examination and treatment activities will be provided to patients in less than 24 hours.

B) bed:

All the services that are offered admission for more than 24 hours.

Tourists health conditions, medical centers:

1. General Conditions:

1-1) having a legal license

2-1) having at least Tier 1 certification evaluation, during two consecutive years, including the first year of operation

3-1) honors degree in a relevant sector hospital assessment

4-1) to obtain a minimum grade in intensive care units including CCU, ICU, PICU, NICU In hospital assessment

2) Force personnel:

2. a) Kadrtkhssy

1) Age fame Medical University medical specialist to the approval of the relevant

2) the absence of infringement cases

2. b) Kadrmvmy-nurse:

1) observance of international standards related to Azah every sector of inpatient beds

2) providing nursing care on the basis of existing statutory standards approved by the Ministry of Health in the relevant Brstary

3) provide general and specialized nursing methods on the basis of existing statutory nursing standards approved by the Ministry of Health in the relevant section

4) perform specialized nursing interventions approved by the Ministry of Health by clinical nurses with at least bachelor's degree

5) at least one clinical nurse (undergraduate and graduate) with a valid certificate in English.

3) Medical facilities:

There are healthy and active equipment standards introduced by the Ministry of Health

4) geographical conditions:

1-4) Easy access to the facilities of road and air transport desirable

2-4) are standard hotel with Nayyd the country's Ministry of Tourism and Touring the closest to Hospital

5) adverse conditions:

1-5) translators fluent in English and fits with your tongue to guide the patients in the hospital at the time of admission and hospitalization and other steps

2-5) the possibility of international communication for patients (phone and Internet)

3-5) are 24-hour pharmacies to provide medicines and equipment needed for patients in hospital

4-5) are equipped kitchen with a food menu

5-5) is an electronic record system, patient records and monthly all patient data to the Department of Health and University according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health

6-5) record and report all laboratory's records and submission of briefs in accordance with international standards in English

7-5) having brochures and other electronic documentation and A to introduce the services offered at the center and determine the cost of its services in English.

8-5) have a Web site approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education