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Respiratory Centers

Medical experts believe that health is a fundamental right of all human beings and believe that the prevention, control and treatment of respiratory diseases could improve the quality of life, preserve and promote the health of the public, have a significant impact. Lung centers and hospitals in cooperation with specialists pulmonary critical care and use of diagnostic and therapeutic facilities such as spirometry (breathing test), sleep testing, imaging techniques, including CT scans and X-ray facilities Vanzhyvgrafy and respiratory assistance in the intensive care unit plays an important role in people's health.

Respiratory services in Iran:

Apnea diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep)

Assessment of lung capacity

Providing treatment and care of respiratory infections

Providing treatment and care of respiratory failure

Provide treatment and care in pulmonary embolism

Breathing in respiratory intensive care emergencies

Providing treatment and care of lung cancer

Providing treatment and care of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (such as bronchitis and asthma)

Providing treatment and care of lung pulmonary fibrosis

Research centers respiratory diseases in children in order to carry out the necessary research about the disease, acute and chronic respiratory diseases and inherited respiratory emergencies in children was launched. Treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis diseases of respiratory disease in children and expand its activities in the field of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, lung disease, congenital, hereditary diseases in children, respiratory infections, asthma and allergies, including a service which are provided at these centers.