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Iran Medical History

Medical history in Iran is in fact the beginning of a period of stalemate in their first home near the Khorezm lived and the first physician Aryan "Trita" has been called, the writings of Pahlavi language books show that "Trita" involved in the surgery, he aware of the medicinal properties of various plants and their special extract also had prepared them. After Trita area "Ryavyzh" a place called "Vraymakrt" an Aryan doctor called "Yama" a group of patients with skin and bones and teeth and many other patients from healthy individuals recognize. Yama's name as Trita is mentioned in the books of Hindus. Hippocrates apparently was the first person in the history of medicine and compiled offered on a regular basis and it is separated from the Magic (460-355 BC). He Galen (129 AD 199 years) to describe a new school building for more than a thousand years, and his opinions were naturalists. Iran war and Greek medical works of Hippocrates and other Greek physicians was carried away and Iranians benefited from it. After Islam to flourish translated Greek medical books, Muhammad ibn Zakariya Razi and Ibn Sina such great Muslim scholars emerged. Rapid scientific advances in the Muslim world was a surprise, so anyone looking to put science into this land. In pre-Renaissance Europe was governed under European church did not do than by religious motivations and prejudices derived from Christianity, as in the treatment of diseases of therapy just to pay. With the conquest of cities Muslims by Christians, works of science and technology and civilization of Muslims in these cities was surprised that the Europeans, including the cities Jerusalem. This has caused the context of "Revolution Renaissance" in Europe. Muslim scientists during the Renaissance books were translated into European languages ​​and this process was the development Europeans. It is said that in the field of medicine, the Bible is a book "Canon of Medicine" Ibn Sina Ibn Sina's most popular book in Europe and medicine was taught in Europe for a long time. It was in this period that the Muslims suffered civil wars and colonial policies European governments were governed by incompetent rulers were gradually away from science.

The first new Medical Education Centre in 1230. Do not miss. Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir efforts Academy was established as part of the school. Jacob Edward Pollock Austria as a teacher of wisdom and surgical medicine and the natural sciences and pharmaceutical Phuket Italian as a teacher in the academy were hired. Pollack, founder and first exhibiting many modern medical treatment in Iran, including that in December 1852 the first modern surgery. Was done in Phuket for the first time in the ether for anesthesia, or an autopsy of deceased teachers academy the first of forensic investigations in Iran is also considered. Then some of the students to complete the acquisition were sent to France, but was the first doctorate in Iran Khalil Khan (Alam al-Dawla) saghafi that in 1305 AD. Graduated. In the seventieth anniversary of the Academy, was separated branches of medicine and pharmacy and the "School of Medicine and Pharmacy" to continue his activities. Until the year 1303 AD. The school was established in the same Darlfnvn that this year moved into one of the courtyards mansion Masoudieh. Founded in 1313 with the adoption of the Law School, University of Medicine and Pharmacy became one of the faculties of the university. In 1318 Professor Charles Abrln of pathology Dean of the Faculty of Medicine was named the world. He Amir Alam and Javad Ashtiani had assumed the presidency. Independent Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy were from 1335. In 1340 for four fields of medical, surgical, gynecological and obstetric were determined. In later years, colleges and other educational centers were established in other cities of Iran.