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Dental Centers

Dentistry is a specialty of oral health as an important member of the health of body and soul, beauty and speaking words supplied. With this knowledge we can also recognize many diseases at an early stage and prevent its progression.

Dental services in Iran:

Reconstructive and Aesthetic

All people are eager to have a beautiful smile but because of some bad teeth, bad shape or color of the coveted denied. It is here that enters the field of restorative dentistry and called laminated sign, smile and beauty returns for individuals.

Laminate or veneer layer of tooth-colored materials for correcting the form, shape, color and length of the teeth or close gaps between teeth and teeth on the tooth is broken. Or composite veneers are made directly inside the office (which they called composite veneers) or ceramics are made in the lab (which they called porcelain veneers). Because very little cutting and creating extraordinary beauty veneers anterior teeth are the first treatment plan.


The best and most popular implant systems, including ( ITI) Swiss. ( Biohorizons) America has the highest quality and lifetime warranty on all over the world and provide birth certificate by surgeons and maxillofacial implants and periodontal surgery done.


Benefits of Dental Implants:

Replace missing teeth

Prevent osteoporosis and bone loss for mutually avoid sinking and appearance of wrinkles and aging

Confidence in people who have lost their teeth into any shape

The stability of loose teeth in the elderly

Remove the breech of a tooth which makes the cutting teeth healthy

Rodents better prevent diseases of the digestive tract

Preserve the patient tone of voice talking

Comfortable and easier Oral Health

Treatment is more durable and last longer than the breech, cladding, posts the often barren, Denture

Long-term lower cost than other less durable treatments