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Urology Centers

Urology is the science and treatment of diseases and disorders of the urinary system and reproductive disorders in men and women as well as sexual dysfunction and male infertility are discussed. Urology centers in Iran with a team of qualified professionals in the fields of urology and with the benefit of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic activities.

Urology services in Iran:

Oncology urology, oncology specialists with close cooperation in the fields of cancer of the kidney, bladder, prostate and reproductive system

Ndvavrvlvzhy and minimally invasive urology practices ( less Invasive)

Urinary stone with open techniques, TUL, lithotripsy or ESWL and education on the prevention of postoperative patients with diet and physical activity re-stone

Open prostate surgery,  TURP, Laser beam

Congenital and acquired deformities and plastic repair actions such as repairing the conduit urinary tract, penile curvature and functional disorders (functional) urinary bladder

The cutaneous nephrolithotomy ( PCNL )

Kidney and urinary tract and genital surgery for women and children

Diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract and kidney tumors

Congenital renal and urinary tract diseases diagnosis and treatment

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the kidney and urinary tract in women

Urodynamic studies and bladder strips

Kidney transplant