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Iran Health Tourism Guide - Medical Tourism

Health tourism guide Iran (medical tourism)

So that all hospitals, clinics, doctors and service providers such as tourist resorts, travel agencies, car rentals and .... they can introduce their services and submit to external and internal clients and contacts.

To require that the area be able to spend less time and money, most of the Iranian health tourism services in terms of quality and quantity have.


Tourist portal therapeutic purposes:

1. The development of health tourism

2. entrepreneurship and job production

3. boost GDP

4. on scientific and technical knowledge of Iranian doctors

5. visiting tourist destinations on the pretext of promoting health tourism

6. Introduction of unions, associations and organizations active in the health tourism industry

7. introduce travel information centers, health tourism tours and tour guides

8. possibility of advertising for the tourism industry health officials and activists

9. Introduction of seminars, lectures, conferences and congresses worldwide scientific and medical Iran


Health Tour

 Interactive Tour

When tourists preventive health or physical illness is not certain to say that tourism is travel to villages and areas with springs health And mineral water (Spa) for relief from the stresses of everyday life and regroup without medical intervention and monitorin. In this type of tourism, people-to-use natural resources available in the destination and overcome recovering to travel.

The possibility that the favorable climate, hot springs and therapeutic mud collections and relaxation environments with the use of hot water, salt, mud, sun and sand and under medical supervision and in a accelerate the process of improving your health and the health care provided to persons placed so that they give their relaxation.

Naturally, these people should be under the supervision and with the treatment plan and Bhbvdmdar used during the process. Skin disease, respiratory, rheumatology and visit major muscle operated normally get this kind of service.

Bymarnshdn emphasis on preventive tourism tourists and escape from urban pollution and busy life and health tourism threatening the health of the individual mayTheir families or to reduce the risk of some diseases and especially sports tourism is.



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