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Travel and health services

Primary business:  a free first visit by an Iranian doctor at a medical center

Visa:  a visa from the State Department on the internet and getting it in the shortest time possible

Airport Transfer:  from airport to accommodation and vice versa.

Translator language:  the use of a guide fluent in patients at all stages,

Travel insurance:  In order to offset the costs of the action potential in Iran

Transfer Therapy  urban transport patients to medical centers

Costs of treatment  and procurement of all required tests before treatment drugs in the treatment of

Surgery costs:  All costs, including the cost of medical treatment and surgery, surgeon and surgical instruments

Hospital costs:  including number of days in hospital costs and ...

Costs of treatment:  procurement of all needed medications after surgery

After treatment instructions:  translating all instructions after treatment for the patient in his

SIM:  preparing a prepaid for the patient to communicate with the family and the medical team

Support health care:  Support 1 month for the patient over the phone and internet


Services surplus

Airline ticket:  book a plane ticket and issuing it to sweep the country of destination

Residential centers:  the patient in an accommodation center or hotel accommodation during treatment

Patrols inside the city:  a city tour with lunch to remove the patient from the treatment


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