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Neurology Centers


Neurosurgery Surgery is a surgical operation on the nervous system and can improve some neurological damage or prevent further injury.

Centers of Neurological hospitals, as well as the presence of experienced neurologists with advanced diagnostic facilities such as Electrodes, Alktrvmylvgrafy and facilities brain imaging and angiography and Doppler ultrasound of carotid and vertebral specialized services in the field of diagnostic treatment of diseases of the brain and nervous system can offer.

Neurology services in Iran:

Providing treatment and care of diseases associated with the brain's blood supply, including stroke, transient ischemic attack and bleeding

Providing treatment and care of brain degenerative diseases ( MS, ALS, Alzheimer Vparkynsvn)

Provide treatment and care in the types of seizures

Do EEG or Alktrvmylvgrafy

Providing care and treatment in Myasthenia Gravis

Common services neurosurgery service at events such as the rupture of an aneurysm and brain tumors, brain hemorrhage and concussion

Providing treatment and care of infectious diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis brain

Provide treatment and care in psychiatric cases in partnership with psychiatrist

Provide rehabilitation services