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Being successful in the business world require the use of equipment and the specific requirements of new development era. In this regard the Internet as a promotional item succeed in the most personal privacy in the flood of electronic economy with millions of users and billions of dollars, choose smart and capable executives.

"Advertising in the tourist tariff treatment:

60 * 468 + banner on the front page footer

  • A month: 50 tomans
  • Two months: 130 dollars
  • Three months: 195 dollars

240 * 120 + banner on the right side (top) of all pages

  • A month: 35 dollars
  • Two months: 55 USD
  • Quarter: 80 USD

+ Banner 150 * 150 in the corners of the site all pages

  • A month: 90 dollars
  • Two months: 170 dollars
  • Quarter: 260 million dollars

+ Text ads:

  • A month: 18 dollars
  • Two months: 34 USD
  • Quarter: 50 USD

+ Pop-up:

  • A month: 260 dollars

"Listing Rules in medical tourism

  • Pictures banner of appropriate quality and explicit images is not used.
  • Ads are unable to accept the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"Submit Order Advertising

  • To order advertising and enjoy special discounts with the number +989155121713 contact.