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Health tourism groups century innovators

 Health Tourism Development Corporation, innovators of the century, with the aim of introducing Considering the international community as a prime tourist destination in the world and also introduced health centers provide health care and tourism, health tourism guide to design and launch a comprehensive portal Iran (medical tourism) was in line with the most experienced medical staff, medical tourism packages in accordance with international standards of health care services to patients in a global world will introduce.


Health Tourism - Tourism mail

due to its inherent capacity for economic prosperity and in particular to increase jobs, including priorities is the development of any country. What the industry as a profitable industry and become the savior for different countries so that the proceeds of its oil revenues in some countries many times in other countries.
The information technology and its use, as one of the keys to developing countries, especially Third World countries has been provide new markets in the field of health tourism.


The result is that attention to health tourism and the use of new technologies to expand and take advantage of the economic benefits it is necessary for countries.


Health tourism guide Iran (medical tourism)

So that all hospitals, clinics, doctors and service providers such as tourist resorts, travel agencies, car rentals and .... they can introduce their services and submit to external and internal clients and contacts.

To require that the area be able to spend less time and money, most of the Iranian health tourism services in terms of quality and quantity have.


Tourist portal therapeutic purposes:

1. The development of health tourism

2. entrepreneurship and job production

3. boost GDP

4. on scientific and technical knowledge of Iranian doctors

5. visiting tourist destinations on the pretext of promoting health tourism

6. Introduction of unions, associations and organizations active in the health tourism industry

7. introduce travel information centers, health tourism tours and tour guides

8. possibility of advertising for the tourism industry health officials and activists

9. Introduction of seminars, presentations, conferences and congresses worldwide scientific and medical Iran